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February 26 2012


Cannabis Sativa

If you consider yourself a smart person i quickly implore you to discover all the facts before making a decision and that i have some of the facts right here.

These marijuana establishments were tolerated by the authorities because marijuana was not illegal and patrons showed no proof of making a nuisance of themselves or disturbing the community. Marijuana wasn't considered a social threat.

If all 62,507 signatures are collected by the July 6, 2012, deadline Arkansas voters will have the opportunity to vote directly on the measure, which permits patients with serious diseases like AIDS and cancer to make use of medical marijuana as an alternative to harmful prescription drugs that carry with them debilitating side effects. marijuana

Known in Chinese languages as Ma, this hardy annual herb could well be the mother of agricultural civilization! Ma presented to be a renewable food source and a durable textile fiber for that manufacture of rope and fabric, setting agro-industrial China far ahead of hunter-gatherer types in other areas of the world. Besides its many textile and medicinal uses, marijuana yields seeds full of B vitamins protein, and amino acids, that have served as Chinas second or third-most important agricultural meal source for thousands of years.

The most recent involves a two year old boy and his father. This story was picked up by the London Daily Mail. The boy had brain cancer and was totally debilitated. Nuclear physics removed only 10 % of the tumor, so in came the chemo. The boy got worse and worse! He couldn't eat at all! The dad found out about hemp oil and he got some legally in Montana.

The greater knowledge and experience you have around cannabis, the better able you will be to battle back with the facts when you hear someone tell lies about our sacred herb.

Well as I understand it the primary supporters are beer companies and the pharmaceutical companies. I would like them to show me the dead bodies from marijuana. However they can't because there aren't any. Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation from the prohibitionists at face value marijuana prohibition has been doing far more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could.


Cannabis Oil

To place it in perspective, Pot is less addictive than coffee. I have become addicted to coffee myself and also have broken the habit. You receive mild headaches for some days. I have never had any symptoms for withdrawal from Pot. Pot will give you the Munchies. You might eat more than you would normally. If you are on the diet, you should factor this in when deciding to smoke Pot. It might cause you to gain weight.

Marijuana can be used for treating Multiple Sclerosis Cancer Chemotherapy, Malaria Glaucoma, Constipation Rheumatic Pains, Asthma Chronic Pain Stress Reduction Anti-Depression and many more.

It is still considered a "gateway" drug by some authorities. Within the 1950s it was an accessory of the beat generation; in the 1960s it was utilized by college students and "hippies" and have become a symbol of rebellion against authority.

And just like the medical marijuana legislation which has already been passed in 15 other states and the District of Columbia (DC), the Arkansas medicinal marijuana law would apply strictly to people with valid medical conditions. The bill would also allow approved patients to grow up to six marijuana plants that belongs to them at home. The government approach is important. It had been considered at the time the federal government did not have the constitutional capacity to outlaw alcohol or drugs. For the reason that of this that alcohol prohibition required a constitutional amendment.

If you have a politician in your state who speaks out against medical marijuana, you might want to look into his/her ties to Big Pharma. Let your friends and family know that many of those who combat medical marijuana are not, because they may prefer to present themselves taking a pro-family stance against drug addiction but shills for multinational drug corporations who want to keep all drug profits within their coffers. Slowly the foreign air enter me. I feel tingles and sensations. My life becomes a fantasy. Cannabis now rules thee.

Alcohol prohibition was extremely visible and debated at all levels, while drug laws were passed with no general publics knowledge Cannabis Truth Behind. National alcohol prohibition happened with the mechanism of an amendment towards the constitution.


Marijuana Truth Serum

According to a recent Reuters report, Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has certified a proposed medical marijuana measure which gives its advocates until July 6 2012, to collect a minimum of 62,507 signatures from a minimum of 15 Arkansas counties in order to qualify the measure for inclusion on the November 2012 general election ballot.

Many drugs available are highly addictive. Probably the most addictive drug that kills more people than any other drug is Tobacco. This drug is to be avoided at all costs. The dependence on Tobacco is much harder to interrupt if you get hooked in a young age.

"Liberal" people between 18 and 29 are the most supportive of legalizing marijuana while "conservative" Republicans are the least supportive. Males are more likely than women to aid marijuana and people residing in Western states tend to be more supportive of it than those living in Midwestern and Southern states.

Methanol-powered automobiles and reduced emissions from coal fired power plants can be achieved by bio-mass conversion to fuel utilizing pyrolysis technology, and also at the same time save the American family farm while turning the American Heartland into a prosperous source of clean energy production excerpt in the book " Energy Farming in America". Not only could we use it for fuel for cars but we can build houses, make paper insulation, energy for those residential, commercial and industrial needs could be completely satisfied. To make this all a reality we would only need 6% of the governments land. At that time in our countrys history the judiciary regularly placed the tenth amendment in the path of congressional regulation of local affairs, and direct regulation of medical practice was considered beyond congressional power under the commerce clause (since then, both provisions have been weakened so far as to have almost no meaning).

In 1798, Napoleon declared a total prohibition of hemp after realizing a lot of the Egyptian lower class were habitual smokers of marijuana.

Cannabis is not an addictive substance; does not cause a motivational syndrome; and medical costs of cannabis use are negligible when compared to the costs attributable to tobacco and alcohol consumption. ganja pics


After i was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I did not inhale and never used it again.

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